AKSGRP Environmental Policy and Practices: Setting Benchmarks in Sustainable Footwear Care

Setting Benchmarks in Sustainable Footwear Care

Against the backdrop of escalating global climate change and environmental issues, corporate responsibility and environmental awareness have become increasingly crucial. As an industry leader, AKSGRP (Ankles Group) not only focuses on environmental protection but also actively engages in and promotes the research and production of sustainable footwear care products.


  • Eco-friendly Material Selection: Embarking on the Path to Sustainability

AKSGRP consistently adheres to using eco-friendly and sustainable materials in manufacturing footwear care products. Our products such as shoe cleaner, shoe brush, deodorant ball, and waterproof spray are strictly selected with non-hazardous chemicals and recyclable materials to ensure they do not pose harm to the environment and human health during use.

  • Green Production Processes: Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction to Protect the Earth

AKSGRP has implemented a series of green production measures, such as recycling water resources, optimizing energy use, and reducing waste emissions, to lower the carbon footprint of the production process while ensuring product quality and performance.

  • Product Sustainability: Extending the Lifecycle of Footwear

In addition to providing efficient footwear care products, AKSGRP encourages consumers to cultivate good habits of regularly caring for their footwear, such as using shoe cleaner to clean the shoe surface, shoe brush to remove stains, deodorant ball to eliminate odors, and waterproof spray to enhance the waterproofing performance of shoes. These small habits not only extend the lifespan of footwear but also reduce resource waste and environmental pollution.

  • Environmental Awareness Education: Building a Green Community Together

As an industry leader, AKSGRP actively conducts environmental awareness education and promotional activities, exploring green and sustainable lifestyles with consumers. We encourage consumers to choose eco-friendly products and adopt sustainable lifestyles to collectively contribute to creating a green and harmonious living environment.


Under the commitment of AKSGRP (Ankles Group), environmental protection has not only become a core value of the company but also integrated into every product and production process. We believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, we can provide consumers with safer and more environmentally friendly footwear care products, contributing together to a greener future.


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